More For You To Do


Sleep is the old enemy. I have no idea why, and none of the many physicians with whom I have broached the topic of my frustratingly irregular sleep patterns has ever expressed any interest whatever in a medical solution to this particular problem. I guess I can’t blame them, really; were I in their position, I wouldn’t be giving me prescriptions for Ambien either.

The past two weeks have been of the Bad Sleep variety, which tends to come in phases. This too shall pass, but in the interim I am staring at the clock and doing my level best to make it through to 5:00 PM Friday, past which point I can relax and comfortably vegetate.

There’s a bright side to this particular Thursday, though, and here it is:

I have not paged through each individual document in that trailer yet, though I did freeze-frame the last one. It is an internal memo penned by none other than elder sorcerer Gordon Cole, and is much, much funnier if read in his voice.

The memo explains that someone (name redacted) has sent a box to Gordon Cole’s office from a return address in Twin Peaks. We are to understand that the contents of this box constitute an extensive history of the supernatural fuckery afoot in that part of the world, and the unnamed recipient of the memo has been tasked with reviewing that history for archival purposes. The novel which this trailer is advertising is, presumably, the report which our unnamed FBI agent will generate based on the contents of that mysterious box.

The very last line of the memo reads:

“P.S. When you get done with this come see me immediately. By then I may have more for you to do.”

I am assuming that “more for you to do” translates roughly to “star in the upcoming revival of this cult TV show which may or may not live up to the original, depending on how much David Lynch feels like exerting himself.”

I can only think of two reasons to keep the agent’s name a secret; either this is someone we have met before (and so learning who it is will be a big reveal), or this is someone who will play a pivotal role in the upcoming revival. I am inclined to discount that first possibility on the grounds that the agent to whom this memo is addressed evidently has no idea who Dale Cooper is, so as much as I would like this unnamed agent to be an Audrey Horne all-grown-up, I’m thinking that’s probably not how this will shake out.

So this is a new person, and the fact that we don’t get a name to attach to this new person says to me that he/she/it will end up being a major character. The Twin Peaks revival has so far been able to maintain a frankly startling degree of secrecy, and the desire to keep it that way is the only explanation which I can think of for leaving the unnamed agent unnamed.


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