Regarding This “Thad” Person

Thad Fackler is, naturally, not my real name. To the best of my knowledge it’s no one’s really name, or at least, really shouldn’t be anyone’s name, because it’s fucking preposterous. When I started this blog I wanted to do so under a fake name for reasons I’ll probably end up whinging about below.

I’ve since decided that I would prefer to post to this thing under my actual name, which is Lucas Delzell. I prefer Luke. Nice to meetcha’.

Sitewide rebranding is in progress.

I disconnected from Facebook a couple of years ago. I didn’t delete the account, but I stopped contributing to the river of psychic effluent which goes rushing down phone screens the world over.

Mostly, it was because I was embarrassed by what I was posting.

Not at the time, mind you, but I’d look back over old postings and photos from years back and my stomach would knot up. It is unpleasant to see all the shit from your most awkward teenage years just… out there, with your own face plastered all over it.

About a year back I started this blog as a way to self-motivate – if you want anyone to pay you write, you have to do it a lot. And it’s hard to do it a lot if you’re just going to file whatever you come up with away in a folder somewhere and never look at it again. I figured the blog would be a good way to stay motivated because it feels like I’m building something. Even if only a handful of people ever read it, I have a project which I am working on, and that feels good.

I opted for a fake name for the same reason that I stopped posting to Facebook – if I am not, at some point, terribly embarrassed by everything I post here, then that will mean I have not improved in the interim. I fully intend to improve, and so, I am eventually going to be embarrassed by this thing.

So – may as well come up with a fake name to work under, eh?

But now it’s most of a year later, and looking back over some of my posts, I discovered that I’m actually kind of proud of what’s up here. Not all of it (there are some paragraphs which may end up getting pruned here in the near future), but a lot of it.

For that reason I’m abandoning the Thad Fackler persona, thin as it was. It’ll be a bit before I lay claim to a new domain, but between then and now I’m slapping my face and name up here.

So, hey. I’m Luke.


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