Not Dead

I’m not dead, and I haven’t abandoned this blog. I’ve just been devoting my daily allowance of writing-time to some other shit.

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B&C – Des Moines

Once, years before, Federal Marshall Pickett Boone had met a man in Des Moines who told a tale as strange as any he’d ever heard. This man had admitted to being a consummate liar and fraud. It had been his trade, and one in which he took a certain kind of pride. In the years […]

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B&C – The Archivist’s Forward

Allow me, first and afore, to make clear in the mind of the reader my intentions in compiling this manuscript; or, I suppose, to make very clear what my intentions are not. It is not my intention to compile a history of the Deep, for the simple reason that such is surely impossible. Uncounted are […]

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